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Tenants and Residents Associations, Clubs and Societies in the Ward of Portsoken

The bulk of the inhabitants of the ward fall under the umbrella of three residents' associations:

Residents' Associations
1. The Residents' Association at the Guinness Estate on Mansell Street. AERA

2. The Residents' Association at Middlesex Street Estate. MSERA

3. The Long Leaseholders' Association at Middlesex Street Estate (as yet unrecognised by the Corporation of London) the PSLA

4. In addition, there exists an association that represents the tenants who lease commercial premises from the Corporation of London at Middlesex Street.

The Chairpersons of these various associations form an important part of the local government of the ward.

The Ward Council of Portsoken  is formed of six Members who are elected by the Ward's electors at the Court of Wardmote:
1. Alderman Sir Michael David Bear B.Sc.
Tel: 07778 218 725
2. Deputy Henry Llewellyn Michael Jones
Tel: 07976 421 966
3. Councilman: Delis Regis
Tel: 07786 278270
4. Councilman: John William Fletcher B.Sc
Tel: 07177 526 853
5. Councilman: vacant
6. Ward Beadle: Mr Stan Brown.

In addition to these, we have:
1.The Portsoken Ward Club
2. The Bengali Ladies' Group
3. A conjoint club for the Elderly (Wingate Golden Oldies and 3 Score Club),
4. Two Gardening Clubs
5. The Portsoken Militia
and a number of other smaller clubs and societies.

Ward Church: St Botolphs' Without Aldgate

A bit of history: The Ward Church has functioned as the religious heart of the Ward for centuries, and the names of our Aldermen and Councilmen are still posted there. The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Bevis Marks, has, since the time of Oliver Cromwell, also had a close association with Portsoken Ward, despite, curiously, being situate in the adjacent Ward of Aldgate: This is an ancient association - in the year 1266, the Alderman of Portsoken, Thomas Wynborne, was given the role of protector of the Jews in the City of London.

The synagogue at one time was obligated to send 3 men to the local (presumably Portsoken) militia.

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