Sunday, 2 February 2014

Petticoat Lane Market

Traders on the Lane are concerned about the continued  fall-off of trade - just as the "High Street" across England is suffering, so is the Lane here on the edge of Portsoken Ward, and for similar reasons. However, Spitalfields Market has successfully reversed this trend, and is buzzing with life.

It is small consolation that problems with the Lane have been ongoing for over a century. Neglect has continued, and is not helped by the Lane's position smack bang on border with Tower Hamlets. Progress means effective cross-borough co-operation, something that has not always been in ready supply.

The Petticoat  Lane Experience needs serious upgrading - and more thought put into it - for example,  a wider selection of vendors, no block booking of multiple stalls by the same vendor - which leads to a boring Sunday Market  offering a narrow range of clothes, a market that fewer and fewer people want to visit. Punters are voting with their feet, and the world-famous market, while it will doubtless soldier on if left to continue as is, is in a pretty sorry state. The Lane now lacks character, and it is only character, an experience to 'buy into', something unique to distinguish the Lane from similar markets elsewhere, that will perhaps begin to lure the punters back.

The Lane  needs promotion and proper marketing. Things cannot be left to go on as they currently are, if we want to see this ancient clothes market prosper into the future.

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